About Us

Welcome to the website of Diocesan Old Girls’ Association (DOGA) UK.

DIOCESAN OLD GIRLS’ ASSOCIATION UK (DOGA UK) is an alumni group for those affiliated with Diocesan Girls’ School Hong Kong (DGS HK) who live or study in the UK and those who are visiting.  Members of the Association include:

            –         Former pupils of DGS

            –         DGS members of staff

Those who live or work in Europe are welcome to join DOGA UK.  We also welcome parents, spouses, families and friends to join as Friends.


DOGA UK aims to provide a forum for its Members to share their common interest in having studied at DGS HK.  DOGA UK is an all-inclusive alumni society and welcomes its Members to participate actively in all areas of common interest.

The main objectives of DOGA UK are:

–          to liaise with DOGA Hong Kong and DOGA’s in other countries;

–          to provide support for its Members in their academic pursuits at all stages of study;

–          to provide support for its Members and their interests;

–          to offer a forum for Members and Friends to meet;

–          to provide a platform for career and professional development;

We also aim to link with other community and alumni groups from Hong Kong and/or related charities.


DOGA UK comprises Members and Friends and is operated on a voluntary basis by the DOGA UK Committee.  The Rules of DOGA UK are available to Members upon request.


Currently, there are no membership fees payable.  However, for some events, fees will be chargeable.


We welcome donations towards supporting DOGA UK.  Please contact the Honorary Treasurer for further information.


Chair:  Annie W Pang

Vice-chair (Treasurer/Secretary):   Bonnie K Wong

Student link:

            Universities:    – Noreen Chui

            Schools:           –


Annemarie Ko

Georgine Leung


There are three main events in the calendar year:

January/ February Chinese New Year lunch
April/ May Spring gathering
September/ October AGM and welcome/orientation lunch

Other events are organised throughout the year, each led by one committee member, who invites Members to help organise the event.

DOGA UK also helps to disseminate events of interest organised by Members and other groups on a monthly basis.

To register as a new member, please fill in the following form:

        DOGA UK New Joiner Questionnaire